Southern Yellow Pine


G&G offers a wide range of soft and hardwood lumber products. The company focuses on providing large timbers and specialty wood products such as: decking; wall and ceiling panels, flooring, as well as specialty wood products customized to the specifications of our customers. In addition to panel and flooring products G&G has the unique ability to surface 24”x24” timbers S4S. We have the ability to accommodate larger timbers as well.

The following is a standard list of Southern Yellow Pine lumber manufactured in lengths ranging from 8 feet thru 30 feet:

2×4 2×6 2×8 2×10 2×12
3×4 3×6 3×8 3×10 3×12
4×4 4×6 4×8 4×10 4×12
6×6 6×8 6×10 6×12
8×8 8×10 8×12
10×10 10×12


G&G also has the capability to provide customers with wide spectrum of patterns that include: T&G, V-Groove, seawall, eased edge, bullnose or nearly any pattern desired.



Danny-Illinois Hardwood Kiln Operation 2


Though G&G focuses on SYP all products listed above can also be manufactured using domestic hardwoods.




The company produces high quality chips for a variety of customers.

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